Will Texas Ban Texting and Driving as Forty Four Other States Have?

Will Texas ban texting and driving?
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The front page of the Dallas Morning News on February 3rd provided an update on texting and driving laws in Texas. There are very few states left who have not yet banned texting and driving, and Texas is one of them. Forty four states have banned texting and driving, and of those forty four, 14 have banned the use of handheld devices at all while driving.

Those who are fighting for Texas to join the other forty four states who no longer allow this practice are hoping Governor Greg Abbott will stand with them. In 2011, Rick Perry vetoed a texting ban that the Legislature had passed. Many feel that this law is merely common sense, like seatbelt laws, and badly needed to stop senseless, preventable deaths on Texas roadways.

What do you think? Should the use of cell phones while driving be banned? Leave a comment below.

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Original Source: Texting-While-Driving Foes Push for State Law in Austin


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