Tips for Staying Safe on the Roadways this Winter

Kay Van Wey provides safety tips for driving on Texas roadways this winter.

During the winter the chances of getting into an automobile accident increase dramatically as a result of poor weather conditions. Awareness and education are the first steps for helping to reduce the number of dangerous accidents that happen across Texas roads in the winter.

Accidents More Likely to Happen in Winter

According to research from the Federal Highway Administration, nearly one fourth of all car accidents that happen during the year are caused in full or in part by poor weather conditions.

In addition to substandard weather conditions, an increase in holiday parties and people drinking and driving on the roads make this time of year especially dangerous for other drivers, passengers, bicyclists, and even pedestrians. Especially when it comes to drinking and driving, individuals who partake in this kind of activity become a risk to themselves and others.

All too often, the few seconds of a car accident can alter an individual’s life forever.

Safety Tips for Staying Safe on Texas Roads

The following are several tips to keep in mind as you venture out this winter on the roadways. Increased knowledge among Texas drivers can help to reduce the number of people who are hurt and killed on roadways every winter. Keep these tips in the back of your mind and share them with any newer drivers in the family, especially teenagers:

  • If roads are icy, avoid venturing out if at all possible. If you must, drive slowly and beware of black ice that is not visible from the driver’s seat. Never slam on your brakes while driving on ice.
  • Plan your trips during the day, when daylight helps increase visibility on the roads. Driving at night can increase your chances of being involved in a car accident significantly.
  • Schedule breaks during long car trips. Getting tired or distracted behind the wheel can be dangerous for those in your car and those sharing the road with you.
  • Check weather conditions if you are traveling to other states or regions. Make sure that your car is prepared to handle any weather conditions in those areas.
  • Verify that you have properly maintain your own vehicle before getting on the road. One easy example is and keeping your tires properly inflated. When a tire is underinflated or overinflated, your car becomes more difficult to handle and you instantly increase your chances of having a blowout. Changes in temperature can alter tire pressure, so check your tire pressure often.
  • Don’t engage in speeding or other reckless driving behavior. The roads are already dangerous enough during the winter, so monitor your speed and don’t take any chances with your safety.

If we are all a bit more careful this winter, serious injuries can be avoided. With distracted driving being the epidemic it has become, chances of an automobile accident occurring are increased significantly. Do your part by heading the warnings and following the safety precautions above.

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