Important Updates on Takata Airbag Recall

Kay Van Wey fights for rights of those injured by Takata Airbags

A class action lawsuit has been filed against the Takata Corporation and Honda Motors. In this suit, plaintiffs allege that the companies covered up data and defects and allowed millions of vehicles to hit the roadway with defective airbags inside.

One of the biggest problems with the airbags is that they seem to have a design flaw that allows humidity and moisture to enter the airbag system. Since airbags use chemicals like ammonium nitrate within them, the moisture can cause critical damage that leads to an airbag explosion. The ammonium nitrate allows the airbags to inflate right away in an accident, but the defective airbags are far more dangerous, and many people may not discover this until it’s too late.

The injuries that occur from being hit with shrapnel can be devastating. These are in addition to injuries suffered from an actual crash alone. This explosion may cause both short and long term injuries, and the products have also caused fatal wounds. This is the latest in a string of recalls plaguing the auto manufacturing industry.

Government officials and agencies are attempting to crack down on the problem by exploring supposed issues sooner and making it clear that hiding information about defective products is not acceptable.

Millions of vehicles were impacted by the recent recall regarding airbags that had the potential to explode and impale drivers and passengers with shrapnel in a crash. An official lawsuit was filed in November of 2014. The lawsuit outlines attempts by the airbag manufacturors to keep the alleged defects a secret from government agencies. The lawsuit also alleges something even more troubling, however. Plaintiffs to the case believe that employees were actually instructed to destroy evidence related to defects in the airbags.

Airbags, which are a primary safety feature in vehicles, can become deadly when they don’t operate properly. The Takata airbags were installed into vehicles made by at least 10 different manufacturers, and are believed to be responsible for serious injuries. Instead of working as they are supposed to, these airbags send metal and plastic pieces flying inside the cabin of the car. According to the lawsuit, airbag makers knew about the problems with the airbags dating back to 2004 but failed to do anything about them. Meanwhile, lives have been altered forever, and some even lost.

At present, it’s not known exactly how many people have been impacted by injuries as a result of the airbags, but the defective products have been linked to at least four deaths and 30 injuries. If your vehicle is listed in the recall, you need to take action quickly so that you don’t run the risk of being seriously injured in a car accident because of the airbags.

Take your vehicle to your dealership as soon as possible if you realize that you may have the deadly airbags inside. You may want to seek the counsel of a Takata airbag attorney if you or a loved one have sustained serious injury from one of these defective devices.