Osphena and Viagra Are High Risk for Injuries

It’s been called the new Viagra for women.  Osphena is the new sex pill for women, and Big Pharma is banking that millions will buy the drug.  It is designed to treat “dysparunia”, which is moderate or severe pain during intercourse due to menopausal changes in the vagina area.

But, is this something that women really need?

According to Jennifer Block, an editor for Senior Planet, there’s more hype than help behind the drug’s claims, plus some scary risks and several unpleasant side effects.

In her article, she questions whether or not “dysparunia” is a real disorder affecting many women, or is it a simply another “backdoor” replacement for “hormone replacement therapy” with the same risks?

In case you don’t remember, the history of Hormone Replacement Therapy is quite concerning.  In the 60s, the idea of menopause as a curable disease that can be treated surfaced.  Sales of hormone treatments soared, and Big Pharma made lots of cash.

In 2002, the Women’s Health Initiative helped uncover the truth about this hormone replacement therapy.  Not only were there no benefits whatsoever, to the contrary, there were many risks involved, and they were high.  These included increased chances of breast cancer, coronary vascular disease, stroke and blood clots.

Though there is some doubt about this, and drug companies would like to see the claims thrown out, there is one statement of truth learned.  Menopause is not a disease and does not necessarily need to be treated, especially if terrible risks can occur.

According to Block, dysparunia can be caused form a variety of things, like infection, or  not enough foreplay.  The natural changes that occur in women are kind of like hair that turns grey as we age.  She believes this is all a charade, a made up disease to be treated by a drug that is completely unnecessary.  Could this possibly be true?

This is the warning found on a website that informs people all about the drug, Osphena…

Label for Viagra

The warnings do not look appealing, especially if the benefits are next to nothing.

What about Viagra?

A pharmaceutical company called Pfizer developed it and it is being sold by several other large pharmaceutical, or Big Pharma companies as well.  This drug for men suffering from erectile dysfunction promises to be the cure.  However, it has many harsh side effects as well, and there is quite a few men who should never take it if they have Hypotension, cardiovascular risks, or a list of other problems.

It can cause severe hypotension, myocardial infarction, strokes, and even sudden death.  In 2005, The FDA found that it may even cause loss of eyesight!  I wonder how many users are aware of these effects.

Thank goodness the FDA is aware, but it may be too late.  The FDA did not take it off the market, but ordered Big Pharma to display the effects more prominently on their products, using a black label.  Pfizer faces many lawsuits claiming they did not adequately warn the public of such harmful effects.

Nobody likes to talk about sexual dysfunction, but the nasty side effects from taking these two drugs could land you in the hospital.  Make sure you seek legal counsel if you are harmed and believe it may be from Osphena or Viagra.  You are entitled to compensation for your injuries, and these companies need to pay their consequences for the harm they’ve caused.

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