Common Car Accident Injuries that Can Be Prevented

Common car accident injuries can be prevented

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A passenger should also learn how to cover and protect their face and head in the event that an accident does happen. Instinctively moving hands to cover the face and wrap the head, as if your arms were a helmet, may also deflect some of the impact from the accident and avoid a more serious injury.


Perhaps the most obvious way to prevent injuries while riding in a vehicle is to wear your seatbelt, though many people still opt out of this. While in your vehicle, you can insist that your passengers wear their seatbelts, and this can be very beneficial.

When seatbelts are not worn, many types of serious injuries can be avoided. To find out more about the most common preventable injuries that occur to the face, brain, neck, back and lower extremeties, observe the safe practices shared at the above link.

With the most common cause for motor vehicle accidents being distracted driving, please place special emphasis on putting down electronic devices while driving, and pay close attention to the task at hand…driving. Be sure to grab my free resource in the form of a book she has authored Ultimate Guide to Texas Car Accidents. As always, do your part to stay safe out there!

Kay Van Wey shares tips for those involved in a car accident.