Distraction a Factor in 6 Out of 10 Teen Crashes

Teen Distracted Driving Crashes

Car Crashes are the Leading Cause of Death for Teens in America today.

A compelling new study reveals that distractions, especially using mobile phones and talking with friends in the car, are a factor in 6 out of 10 teen crashes. For the first time, researchers had access to thousands of videos mounted in the cars of teens that show exactly what was going on before the crash and what caused the crash. The study confirms that distractions play a far greater role in teen crashes than previously believed.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety took a close look at 1,700 videos of teens’ actions right before they crashed and found that the rate of distractions that cause crashes is actually four times more than previously estimated.

In addition, CBS Chicago reports that chatting with other people in the car caused more crashes than using mobile devices.

The the following video is quite an eye opener, especially for those of us who have teens on the roadways today. It’s one that you may want your teens to see so they can understand that it takes only seconds for an accident to happen when your eyes are taken off the road.

This is yet another indication of how important it is to discuss the dangers of distracted driving with teens on a regular basis.