Options to Deter Teens from Using Handheld Devices While Driving

Options to stop your teen from texting and driving

The temptation to interact with our electronic devices while driving is almost too much to resist, especially for teens.

Many experts believe that this problem caused by technological advances can be solved with technological solutions. Rendering handheld devices from working when the car is moving is only one clever option. 

Apps That can Help Your Teen Avoid Distractions

Obviously, teens are the most at-risk when driving because of their inexperience on the roads.

Teenagers’ lack of experience on the roads combined with distractions results too many preventable serious injuries and deaths among our young people.

Fortunately, there are some tools out there that concerned parents can utilize to stop their teens from the dangerous practice of texting and driving.

Consumer Reports recently shared a sampling of options that can deter teens from driving distracted:

Bluetooth Hands-free Aids

Many vehicles now come with a built-in Bluetooth system that connects wirelessly with your phone. Incoming calls can be handled without reaching for a device. Bluetooth headsets are another option.

Smartphone Apps

There are now apps that can turn off the phone when the vehicle is in motion via detection through the phone’s GPS receiver or Bluetooth. Some of these apps are free, and they are able to:

  • notify parents when deactivated
  • give automatic replies while you are driving
  • restrict the phone when the vehicle is in motion
  • call 911

Devices Connected to Dashboard Vehicle Port

These work similar to apps by restricting phone use while teens are driving. These types of devices will not drain your phone’s battery as much as an app will, and they are tamper-proof because parents can set a code to unlock them.

Monitoring Systems

These systems track your teen’s driving behavior and speed via cameras, special phones, etc. When the vehicle is in motion, the system activates and information is collected and logged. Parents can then view data reports provided to them by various companies who offer this option.

Additional apps that might be worth checking out are provided by cell phone carriers. They include:

If you have a teen driver, I encourage you to look into using one of these options. It could possibly save your teen’s life or the life of another driver. As always, drive safely!

source: Mashable