New Texas Law to Prevent Children From Being Left in Hot Cars

baby boy inside of a car

This summer three kids in Texas alone have passed away after being left in a hot car. This is more than any other state and lawmakers are, thankfully, working on changing that.

It is a matter of minutes in the Texas heat for the inside of your car to reach temperatures that are 150 degrees or higher, and a child left inside can very easily suffer heatstroke and die. Data from says that on average, 38 kids per year die when they either get into cars on their own and can’t get out, or they are left in cars.

This is such a preventable situation and one that we must overcome. Pediatricians are now reminding moms and dads about the dangers of leaving your kids in the car and educating them on what can happen if they do. Texas law has now made it a requirement that hospitals, birthing centers and midwives share this information with parents who are taking their newborn babies home.

Admittedly, though, it is up to the parents to do the right thing and make the right choice. All parents are urged to avoid this mistake. Take them with you, it’s that simple. Visit to learn some tips that will help you remember not to leave your child in the car.

Click here for safety tips to ensure your child is not left in a hot car.



Author: Kay Van Wey

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