How to Talk to Teens About Deadly Distracted Driving

Attorney Kay Van Wey helps teen drivers become aware of distracted driving danger.

May is Global Youth Teen Safety Month.

Car accidents have become the number one killer of teenagers today, and the majority of these deaths could have been prevented. One way you can help deter the distracted driving behaviors of your teen is by talking to them about how easy it is to become seriously injured or killed when using a device while driving.

Global Youth Traffic Safety Month runs through May, one of the deadliest months for teen drivers (the other being July). Many proms and graduations happen this month, and many teens will be driving more through the summer months, so this is the perfect time to sit your teen down and potentially save his or her life by talking about distracted driving dangers.

There is a lot of very helpful information out there that can help you have an extremely effective conversation with your teen and distracter driving. Here are a few great resources:

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Global Youth Traffic Safety Month® (GYTSM) was formed in partnership with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to support the United Nations 2007 Global Road Safety Week. It is a month long campaign during May that asks youth organizations to engage in teen traffic safety projects in their communities.

They also offer a toolkit for ideas of projects and youths are challenged to discover unique ways to address teen driver safety. GYTSM is a month-long campaign during May asking youth groups (often chapters of coalition member organizations) to engage in teen traffic safety projects in their communities. They have had great success and many lives have been saved as a result.

If interested, they conduct a Teen Driving Summit, a social media campaign where teens can interact and send safety messages, and contests for teens to create their own service announcements. Their guide is available and is extremely helpful when faced with talking to your teen seriously.

For more information on what you can do to end distracted driving, download our free book, Distracted to Death, instantly. Remember to always set a great example by making sure your phone is put away while you are driving. Kids learn mostly from what we do as well as what we say!


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