Despite Dangerous Adverse Effects, Victoza Remains on the Market

Kay Van Wey warns of the serious adverse side effects caused by Victoza while FDA does nothing.

Today, more than ever, we must pay close attention to the drugs that we ingest into our bodies. Regardless of numerous studies pointing to a link between Victoza and pancreatic cancer, the drug remains on the market. Not only that, but marketing efforts by Novo Nordisk, the manufacturer of Victoza, are targeting those who suffer from obesity, an even larger market.

What does this mean for those of us taking prescription medications of any kind? Please hear this message loud and clear:

Just because a doctor prescribes a medication that is “FDA approved” does not mean it is safe.

FDA Does Nothing, Novo Nordisk Thriving

On the contrary, some prescription medications can be extremely harmful, and even deadly. The FDA seems to be satisfied with slapping a warning on the label of a potentially deadly drug, hoping we all read it, instead of removing the dangerous drug from the market.

Novo Nordisk seems to be growing tremendously as a corporation, despite the incriminating evidence that their medications have caused serious injuries. From September 2012 to September 2013, Novo Nordisk added 10 percent to its workforce (3,350 new, full-time employees).  Their market will expand into China and will now try to recruit drug users who suffer from obesity.

Tricky Advertising

Recently, the former executive director of the North Carolina Board of Pharmacy, Dave Work, pointed out the tendency for pharmaceutical advertisements to appear “light-hearted and soothing,” even though the grim context of the ad is extremely serious.

Although Dave Work wrote about pharmaceutical ads in general, he happened to use Victoza as his example. The point of his article? Prescription medications can be very harmful and carry serious consequences. He also stresses that it is in your best interest to learn as much as possible about any drug before deciding to take it.

Commercials, he went on to point out, for Victoza and other pharmaceuticals, tend to have calm, soothing music in the background. Then, they proceed through several minutes of very seriously spoken facts. The Victoza commercial in particular states:

“Serious side effects may happen to people who take Victoza, including inflammation of the pancreas or pancreatitis, which may be fatal.”

Pancreatic Cancer is also one of the side effects. Pharmacies, who always have this information on location, should be doing all they can to make sure you get the important facts.

Public Citizen Fights to Get Victoza Off the Market

Consumer advocacy group Public Citizen has fought the FDA tooth and nail, insisting Victoza be taken off the market completely, to no avail. They petitioned this almost two years ago, and nothing has been done.

Just 17 months after Victoza was approved in 2010, the FDA issued a warning about the potential links to thyroid cancer, pancreatitis, and renal failure. Still, Victoza remains on the market.

Public Citizen’s petition notes that one FDA clinical safety reviewer did not recommend approval of Victoza. He stated that with the availability of 11 other classes of drugs approved and available for glycemic control, there was no need to allow one that carried such harmful risks.

Also in the petition, Public Citizen pointed out that Victoza was the only drug approved that causes thyroid C-cell tumors in both sexes of rats and mice. This is a large, bright red warning. Before approving Victoza, it was demonstrated that those taking the drug were 3 times more likely to develop papillary thyroid cancer compared to patients not taking the drug.

Additional cases of pancreatitis continue to flood into the FDA in alarming numbers. Only an estimated 10 percent of cases are reported, which means that as many as 2,000 patients or more have experienced the adverse effects of Victoza.

This recent approval of Victoza shows that the FDA has no problem approving drugs, despite their potential to cause cancer, among other things. Consumers like you and I must be our own advocates in learning more about these “approved” drugs and the doctors who prescribe them.

If you or a loved one have suffered pancreatic cancer while using Victoza, you owe it to yourself, the FDA, and others who are considering using Victoza, to undergo a free consultation and fight back with experienced dangerous drug attorney Kay Van Wey.

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