This blog is about sharing my knowledge of issues that affect your health and safety. As a board certified personal injury trial lawyer, I have spent that past 25+ years advocating for people who have been harmed by dangerous medical devices, unsafe prescription drugs, the carelessness of an individual or the greed of a large corporation. I have learned that time and time again companies place profits over people. I have learned that slick marketing campaigns are designed so that consumers make choices or buy products based on emotion, half truths or flat out lies.

I too am a consumer, a patient, a parent, and a passenger. I too am inundated with claims about the newest medical technology, the latest drug or medical device. I too have trouble sorting out what is health and what is hype.

I heard somewhere that “..to learn is to teach”. I have learned much from having been “in the trenches” for my entire adult life. I want to share my knowledge with you so that you can make the best choices possible for your health and safety and that of your family.

I continue to fight battles on behalf of individuals and families who have become the unwitting victims of a senseless medical mistake, a dangerous drug or medical device, a fatigued or distracted driver. I will continue to advocate on behalf of each individual who I am privileged to represent in their time of need. But, I also will be advoKAYting on behalf of you.