A Cultural Shift is Needed to Curb Distracted Driving Epidemic

Lexblog Interview with attorney Kay Van Way

Kay Van Wey urges citizens to pledge against distracted driving

The campaigns and other efforts that attempt to stop distracted driving are helpful. But Kay Van Wey believes, and statistics are showing, these campaigns are simply not enough. She states in her interview with Lexblog that,

“…despite that, there are still over 3,300 deaths each year and over 400,000 injuries from all distracted driving incidents. 1 in 10 are involving pedestrians.”

Kay Van Wey’s Just Put it Down campaign urges citizens to take a pledge against distracted driving. What is really needed, according to Van Wey, is a change in thinking. When driving, we need to place our focus on the road, put the cell phones down, and realize being in touch with others is not as important as being safe on the roads.

Here is the video clip of Van Wey’s excellent points about a major cultural shift that can change lives:

Join Texas attorney Kay Van Wey by taking the Just Put it Down pledge with your friends and family. You too can make a positive impact.



Author: Kay Van Wey

Kay Van Wey is an award-winning Board Certified Texas Personal Injury Lawyer. Learn more at www.vanweylaw.com.

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